About Us

We specialise in the design and manufacture of pro-audio electronics. As the name reveals our flagship “Designed by Langley” series of products are designed by Mr Graham Langley, a name that requires no introduction.

All of our products feature premium quality components without any exception to provide the highest performance and most reliable operational life. The PCBs are fully gold plated. Nothing is compromised.

We recognise the need for DIY. Therefore as well as assembled plug-and-play ready, our products also come in kit form for self assembly. We pride ourselves with our exceptional customer care and technical support.

Total Audio Control
Suite 5, Fairfield
1048 Govan Road
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United Kingdom.
P: (+ 44) 07789 792 831

Cemal's Story

Cemal Ozturk was born in Istanbul. His first contact with electronics was in 1976 when he borrowed a few copies of Elektor magazine from a family relation. The same year saw him picking up the guitar and being introduced into the world of architecture by his sister.

He moved to London in 1986, then to Glasgow in 1988 and set up Ozturk Modelmakers, specialising in modelmaking and prototyping. His formal education in machining and manufacturing, combined with his practical professional experience, enabled him to be awarded an HND equivalent in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and he was accepted onto the University of Strathclyde’s MSc course in Computer Integrated Manufacturing. The simultaneous rapid success of his business saw him suspending his studies to concentrate on creating one of Scotland’s most successful modelmaking businesses. During these years, he has expanded his passion for all things electrical and mechanical, including consumer electronics and educational robotics. In 1996, he re-branded his company as Ozturk & Robotica. A meeting with Graham Langley resulted in a collaboration and the birth of Total Audio Control with its flagship ‘’Designed by Langley’’ series of pro-audio products.

Cemal Ozturk is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Graham's Story

When Graham Langley used all his birthday present money to buy himself a Futurama guitar in 1962, two things happened. Number one: he thought himself a pretty cool cat at the age of 13. Number two: the wheels were set in motion for a career which was to prove by turns rewarding, arduous, fun, exasperating, and ultimately hugely successful.

In 1965 Graham bought the Framus electric guitar which he still uses today, and started to build speaker cabinets in woodworking classes at William Hulme’s Grammar School, in Manchester, UK. This marked the beginning of an interest in electronics. By the end of his school years, Graham was beginning to hang out at the fringes of the music industry - managing a couple of local bands – and his next big step was enrolment at Bolton Institute of Technology, north of Manchester, where he worked on power amps, equalisers and synthesisers. He graduated with a College Associateship in Electronics.

Valuable work experience followed at Audio Developments and Tape Recorder Developments, in the UK’s West Midlands region. The companies made mixers and tape recorders for a glittering array of clients, including Clair Bros, Yes, The Moody Blues and Apple Records.

A reunion with old school friend Nick Franks in 1973 led to them starting up Amek, with the fledgling company making electronic crossovers, phasing units, and 10-into-1 mixers. Before long, Amek found a sure footing on the bottom rungs of the professional audio industry ladder, and began to climb.

Amek and associated companies were winners of the UK’s coveted Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, for three consecutive years.

In 1983 Graham achieved the prestige status of Chartered Engineer.

When Harman acquired Amek in 1997, Graham stayed on for some time as Technical Director, before leaving in 2001, and setting up Langley Design. This was an opportunity to further push the boundaries of excellence in quality analogue audio.

Working with Total Audio Control is an exciting new avenue for Graham and he is delighted to be involved.