Because it is fun and saves you money.

DIY is a great way of building up your arsenal of audio gear. There is an increasing trend towards offering audio gear in kit form among the independent and boutique pro-audio companies and we are no exception.

Our kits come complete with comprehensive assembly manual. As the expression says “one picture tells a thousand words”, each assembly sequence is photographically presented in detail. The components are packed and numbered in the correct order and the numbers correspond to the bill of materials (BOM). We made it as easy as possible for you.

What tools will you need to build our kits?

We are extremely lucky to be living at a time when a reasonably well performing digital multimeter with semiconductor testing capability or a capacitance meter can be picked up from e-bay for the cost of literally a burger meal. Therefore, investing into a few handheld meters would pay dividends in the long run.

A good quality soldering iron and a set of hand tools are a must. Component leads are not trimmed using a Black Smith’s pliers. A miniature close cutting side cutter will have to be a part of your tool kit. Equally fixing an M2 screw will not be possible with a screw driver normally used for M10 bolt. A simple spring action desoldering pump will do fine for single sided boards. But for double sided/plated through boards such as EQ ONE and MICPRE ONE a proper (electric motor pump action) de-soldering tool will be essential. However, you do not have to get the ones that require re-mortgaging your house. Again e-bay is full of affordable ones that will also do a good job.

Most faults will arise due to incorrect components being inserted or solder bridges. It is particularly important to closely examine the soldering of components with close pads such as transistors. Therefore, unless you have eagle eyes having a good quality hand held magnifier in your tool kit will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Have fun.

Total Audio Control